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The Alcoholic Rehabilitation Community Home (ARCH) is a Level III.1 extended care residential treatment center providing individualized care for men struggling with substance use disorders. We are licensed and funded in whole or part by the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA). Other funders include the United Way and Madison and St. Clair Counties 708 Mental Health Boards. ARCH provides a structured recovery environment in which men can rebuild their lives and achieve a healthy, independent lifestyle. We are located at 1313 21st Street, Granite City, Illinois. ARCH is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors comprised of concerned local citizens.

Our Mission

The Mission of ARCH is to provide referral, educational and extended residential treatment services for men seeking recovery from substance use disorders and to network with other providers to lessen the incidences of their disease and to lessen the harmful consequences to help the community.

ARCH provides room and board for 21 clients. ARCH provides individual and group therapy, recreational activities and aftercare services.

Treatment cost is based on a sliding scale proportional to the client's income, once gainful employment is obtained. No one is excluded for his inability to pay.

The average length of stay at ARCH is six months. Timeframes vary according to a client's progress in treatment. Our primary objective is a successful transition to independent living without the use of mood-altering substances. This involves the development of learning skills to cope with life's problems in new ways.

A client's recovery requires a wide variety of changes including spiritual, physical, psychological and social development. These changes require assessment and treatment by professional staff and some decision making and clear cut action on the part of the client.

Please visit the United Way of Greater St. Louis http://www.stl.unitedway.org/